Diagnosis and diagnostic procedures
2-day workshop
run by Norbert Apter, Harvard (M.Ed.)
Certified Trainer, Supervisor and Psychotherapist in Psychodrama
Diagnostic by definition is a “work hypothesis”.

We all make our own hypotheses – (un)consciously- when working with a client/patient.

Psychodrama has diverse means to establish an evaluation of the client/patient problematics – be it
pathological or not. Indeed, J.L. Moreno determined ways/means that are specific to psychodrama in
order to diagnose a situation, included for all these patients suffering from (as he called it) “normosis”
(difficulties linked to being a social animal, i.e. a human being).
Our major issue in this seminar will be
  • How to use psychodrama in order to establish with the client/patient iterative “work
In order to do so we will address two fundamental questions:
  • What is the philosophy (reasoning) underlying the diagnostic procedure surggested by
  • What are the means (ways of being and ways of using techniques) that can easily be used?

Here are the two fundamental questions that we will answer during this seminar.

The primary goals of this training seminar are to develop the required skills in order to be able to
  • have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of diagnosis and its procedures in
  • carry out iterative anamnesis using humanistic psychodrama and orient psychotherapy
according to the anamnesis


We will be using lectures-discussions, exercises, action techniques and practice in order to become sufficiently at ease with the fundamentals of the use of diagnosis in psychodrama:

  • The phenomenological grounds for diagnosing
  • Basic diagnostic: the 3 diagnostical questions of J.L. Moreno
  • Further diagnostic in psychodrama nowadays:
  • of the roles
  • of the spontaneity
  • of the action
  • From diagnosis to treatment

Dates : 19 th and 20 th of December 2020