21-23 April 2017 – The 1st Trainers’ Conference „Sociometry and Shadow“

NBE Trainers’ conference

Sociometry and Shadow 

April 21-23, 2017

Tartu Environmental Education Centre (Tartu Nature School), Lille 10, Tartu, Estonia


Lectures on sociometry by Kirsti Ilona Silvola (T.E.P.) and Pille Isat (T.E.P.), and on shadow by Giorgio Tricarico (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Jungian analyst).

Workshops by psychodrama trainers (T.E.P.) from member institutes of the Nordic Board.


The Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama,

Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy


Tartu Psychodrama Institute


Conference programme:

Friday 21 April

14.00-15.00                       Arrival, registration

15.00-17.00                       Welcome

Lecture in action on sociometry by Kirsti Silvola (T.E.P.) and Pille Isat (T.E.P.)

17.00-17.30                       Break

17.30-18.30                       Lecture by Giorgio Tricarico “Meeting the Shadow in the 3rd Millennium”

18.30-20.00                       Warm-up and bridging the topics of sociometry and shadow (Endel Hango, Vahur Murutar)


Saturday 22 April

10.00-10.15                       Introduction and choosing the workshops

10.15-13.30                       Workshop 1 (Eduardo Verdú / Tuula Grandell)

13.30-14.30                       Lunch

14.30-17.45                       Workshop 2 (Inara Erdmanis / Reijo Kauppila)


19.00                                   Party (at the conference venue)


Sunday 23 April

09.00-12.00                     Workshop 3 (Urban Norlander / Pille Isat)

12.00-12.30                       Break

12.30-13.45                         Summaries (Tuula Grandell, Reijo Kauppila), wrap-up (Endel Hango + Tartu Spontaneity Theatre)

                                            Sightseeing in Tartu

See the workshop descriptions here: